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About Me

Danielle Passione

Born in Perth, Western Australia, I commenced performing at the age of 3. Life on the stage began as a dancer and at 10 years old I began singing. I struggled for many years to find my head voice. This is where I learnt that having a good teacher matters, a teacher that can deal with all vocal issues not just their own. I have been taught and mentored by Master Coaches Spencer Welch (Vancouver), Kathy Kennedy (San Francisco) and Linda Tomkinson (Utah).  I began training in dance/vocals/performance at Peta Norton School of Dance & Johnny Young Talent School. 


I am Certified for the teaching of voice by the 'Institute for Vocal Advancement.' More information on the 'Institute for Vocal Advancement'  can be found on the 'Singing Technique' page of this website. I have dedicated years studying vocal pedagogy internationally and am committed to continual education to ensure up to date knowledge in pedagogy  and musicality. Taught and mentored by some of the world's finest master teachers I now have the joy of passing my extensive knowledge to my students. I am a current full member of ANATS  (Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing). I have over 15+ years teaching experience teaching from my home studio, performance schools and full time programs. I have also worked for Carmelo Pizzino (from Dancing with the Stars) as a Vocal Director & Music Editor. I have a current Working With Children.  


I currently teach professionals, university voice students and beginners in both Contemporary and Musical Theatre Vocals. I specialise in functional voice technique, vocal style, audition prep, gig prep, microphone use, recording and performance. I hope to pass my passion for singing onto my students and equip them with the tools required to be successful in the industry.

Home Studio in Dianella,

Western Australia


Melbourne IVA Teacher

 Conference 2017 with

 Master Teacher Spencer Welch 

IVACON Singing Teacher Conference 2019 in Baden, Austria. Photos below with Master Teachers Linda Tomkinson & Roberto Delli Carri

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