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 "Danielle has been teaching our daughter for over 5 years and in this time has nurtured and guided her young voice into her young adult years.  She's not only taught her how to use her voice both in range and dynamics but also the physiology of the voice to maintain its health and endurance. Danielle always goes above and beyond for all her students, especially when preparing them for any performances, so they are comfortable and most importantly, confident singers.  Danielle is an amazing teacher who strives for the best in all her students in a warm, welcoming and enthusiastic environment.  Danielle constantly educates herself in the latest techniques in vocal training and eagerly passes this onto her students whilst encouraging and educating them in all areas of performance development including but not limited to microphone technique, differences in live and recording environments and general music/instrument development.  Her reputation as a talented and outstanding vocal coach precedes her and we are forever grateful for having her guide our daughters singing journey."

Tania, Parent

"Over the years I have had many singing teachers but none like Danielle, her constant motivation and support has pushed me to be the best I can be. Over the 6 years she has taught me my improvement has been crazy! Her experience is beyond helpful as it is a guide for what the industry is really like and how we can get there. She has great teacher qualifications and also the work that her students have achieved at such a young age is a true reflection of her talent as a mentor. She is more than just a singing teacher to me, she is someone I can talk to and someone who will help me with my struggles. She not only teaches us how to sing but also how to protect our voices and what we can do to strengthen our voice, she educates us on the correct way to warm up and practice at home and many other tips and tricks which are useful in the industry. I feel absolutely privileged to be her student and would recommend her to anyone who's interested."

Isabella, Vocalist

"Danielle has been my singing coach for over 10 years now, beginning at the age of 11. The best way I can describe Dan is she is my 'voice magician' and 'doctor' rolled all into one. The countless students she has coached to be prepared for WA's best musicals, higher education programs such as WAAPA and overall vocal performance is a testament to her exceptional excellence in her field. The lessons still continue to be something I look forward to the same way I did 10 years ago! Thank you Dan for not only your coaching but your attention to detail and drive for excellence. I have much to thank you for!!"

Gabrielle, Vocalist

"My daughter has had the wonderful opportunity to take vocal lessons with Danielle for more than six years. She is an outstanding teacher with a thorough knowledge of voice techniques, vocal performance and music. Danielle is an excellent role model for all ages. Her inspired approach is rooted not only in an extensive knowledge of vocal technique, but also in her ability to support, mentor and encourage her students. She has led Isabella to her own unique singing voice and encouraged her to write, compose and produce her own songs. Isabella adores her!!
Isabella has achieved many successes in performing arts over the years. Danielle has made herself available to support Izzi 24/7 even changing a key 10 minutes before a performance. I can’t recall the number of times we have “dropped in” for a warm up prior to a performance.

I love that Danielle challenges and immerses herself in vocal learning to pass this information on to her students. We are so fortunate to know this wonderful vocal coach, musician whom truly cares about her students and their families."

Jeanette, Parent

Performers1_613 copy.JPG

"My singing journey began like any wannabe home grown ‘shower singer’, I dreamed of learning how to sing, to have lessons & one day be good enough to sing professionally.......My dream came true when Danielle heard my audition for a concert a few years ago.

I would not have had the opportunities I have had to this day, only 2x years on if not for Danielle’s amazing skill and expertise as a vocal coach. Danielle has provided me with the tools to sing the National Anthem at a Wildcats home game & at the BMX State Championships, to win vocal and song & dance sections at competition level all with a confidence I did not know I had. If not for Danielle’s amazing ability to guide my voice to the heights it has now reached and with her belief in me to do so, my dream would just be that."

Milla, Vocalist

"Our daughter started singing at a very young age and as she matured in age so did her voice. We searched for just the right vocal coach who would be able to  train her to use her vocal cords properly and without any damage. We found more than what we had hoped for in Danielle who has much patience and understanding in her students needs and wants without pushing them beyond what they are capable of. Danielle’s continuous training in the industry and professionalism is more than what we had hoped for and we feel truly lucky to be a part of her team."

Pia, Parent

" Just wanted to say Congratulations on an incredible show! Every single voice was just so beautiful and so well trained and that is all you! You are so special and I know you put your heart and soul into every single lesson and it shows through your students. Thank you for all the love you give my girl you truly are a special part of our life."

Danielle, Parent

"I began private singing lessons with Danielle in February 2014. During the past three years she has taught me the necessary skills which are continually improving my vocal range and ability. Her professionalism and work ethics are of the highest standard.

Danielle embraces a variety of vocal exercises and techniques to suit the individual which in turn allow us to reach our full potential. She is passionate about her teaching and genuinely wants the best outcome for all her students. For me personally, I have achieved goals that I never thought possible. Thank you for your constant encouragement and support. You have given me the confidence to believe in myself and for this I will be forever grateful."

Shenae, Vocalist

"Danielle Passione has been teaching my daughter Isabella for a number of years. She is an amazing teacher who not only teaches her students to sing but nurtures and guides them through all types of audition preparations.  I am highly impressed that she teaches the students to not strain their voices in order to avoid vocal injury."

Barbara, Parent

"Wanted to give a heartfelt shout out to Eliana's teacher Miss Danielle who amazes me & many of us who know her. Love her  continuous passion & support of all her students. After having to go through one of her toughest years this year, she didn't give up on what she loves to do & that is to continue to teach & be there for all her students, no matter who they are. She continues to show this through her teaching or when possible to attend a student college performance or comps or just showing it through her students social media. Thank you Miss D for all that you do, we adore you & thank you for being you. You are amazing, we are glad you are Eliana's teacher."

Natasha, Parent

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