Event Bookings                          

If you require singers for an event this can be arranged. I have strong experienced vocalists who are eager to perform for you. Soloists, Duets & Trios are available.  Only my strongest will be put forward. I have a selection of adult and children vocalists. The 'Student Achievements' page lists some of their past performance work. All photos on this website are of my students.  

Annual Recital

I offer an annual recital for my students. This is to give them experience performing. For new students it is a chance to perform in front of a supportive audience. For my intermediate & advanced students it is a chance to showcase their original songs or to perform with an instrument. The recital will be held at a Perth venue. 


               The 2018 Recital -  Astor Lounge.

           Some photos of the night are below:

                The 2019 Recital - Astor Lounge

           Some photos of the night are below: