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Why Does My Teacher Ask Me To 'Think More Like Speaking' When I'm Trying To Sing?

May 20th, 2019

Danielle Passione


Speaking and singing are coming from the same place in the body. The speaking and singing voice are both using the same larynx, vocal folds, lungs, diaphragm and vocal tract. The difference is the melody. This is why teachers may tell you to speak your song. Students often try to put on a ‘singing voice’ which is unnatural and usually stops the voice from connecting and balancing. Often it is light and airy, other times muffled and distorted with incorrect technique. It can get in the way of building technique and vocal strength. Sometimes our mind can mess up our training. We speak all day without thinking of ‘how to’ speak. So as long as we have a good speaking voice, then we can transfer the good vocal function to our singing without our thinking getting in the way. So if you approach your song as if you were speaking it can actually help!

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